We believe gender inequality and exclusivity limit pathways to peace and hinders human and economic development. So we work for the equal participation of women in decision making at all levels of civil society and governance and support UN resolutions 1325 and 2122 involving women in peace and security. We believe in the power of imagination, communication, education and partnership to help rebuild trust and generate cultural change.  Join us!
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Roger Stone: Robert Mueller defends indictment over Russia probe
Ex-US special counsel Robert Mueller intervenes after President Trump commutes an aide's jail term.
Coronavirus: Donald Trump finally wears mask in public
The US president previously said he could not see himself wearing a mask in public.
Mali's President Keita dissolves constitutional court amid unrest
President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita is attempting to calm unrest that saw four people killed on Friday.
Coronavirus: Thousands protest in Israel over handling of economy
Thousands have rallied against what they say is hardship caused by the mishandling of the crisis.
Coronavirus: Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan tests positive
The actor, 77, and his son were taken to Mumbai's Nanavati hospital.
Walt Disney World reopens in Florida amid Covid-19 surge
Visitors are required to wear masks, socially distance and have temperature checks on arrival.
Fox News: Tucker Carlson writer Blake Neff resigns over racist messages
The writer for host Tucker Carlson posted highly offensive messages online under the name CharlesXII.
Srebrenica: Bosnia marks 25 years since massacre
A funeral is held for recently identified victims as part of a memorial ceremony for the atrocity.
Hagia Sophia: World Council of Churches appeals to Turkey on mosque decision
The World Council of Churches says returning the Turkish landmark to a mosque is mistaken.
Russia far east protest over Khabarovsk governor's arrest
Thousands rally on the streets of Khabarovsk as a regional leader is accused of contract killings.


Poppy Noor - the Guardian
“A warped obsession of fear is killing us,”
Karen McVeigh, The Guardian
Lower age and obesity rates than US and Europe, helps reduce Africa Covid deaths
Amrit Dhillion, The Guardian
More Waste better the taste
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Piercing the Waves. Remembrance and Reconciliation of Memories in World War II
She kissed the first American soldier she saw marching up the drive to freedom More ...
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