We believe gender inequality and exclusivity limits pathways to peace, security and economic development.  Working for the equal participation of women in decision making at all levels of civil society and governance, through mediation, negotiation skills, augmented AI, language and diplomancy, we support UN resolutions 1325 and 2122 involving women in peace and security. We believe in the power of imagination, communication, education and partnership to help rebuild trust and generate meaningful change. 
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The Guardian
Energy charter treaty set up in 1994 to protect western energy firms working in former Soviet allows investors to sue governments which enact policies that could undermine their expected financial returns.
Tom Gerken
A 157 year-old glass ceiling finally fallen!
Simon Speakman Cordall
Readers flock to the city’s oldest bookshop to a bygone age
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 New LeMenach Campaign 

Dignity &


Launch of
New Global Conversation
and Dignity Diaries (TM)
United Nations in New York.

Refugee Integration through Dignity, Health & Employability project in collaboration with


ingrid's insights

Ingrid UN2014-3
Poverty of the Heart
Speaking at the UN Ingrid Stellmacher explores 'Poverty of the Heart' and launches the Dignity Diaries, as a tool to discover what dignity in toay's world really means. More ...
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