We believe gender inequality and exclusivity limit pathways to peace and hinders human and economic development. So we work for the equal participation of women in decision making at all levels of civil society and governance and support UN resolutions 1325 and 2122 involving women in peace and security. We believe in the power of imagination, communication, education and partnership to help rebuild trust and generate cultural change.  Join us!
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Covid: Russia begins vaccinations in Moscow
The home-grown Sputnik V vaccine, which is still undergoing mass testing, is being used.
Joe Biden: Covid vaccination in US will not be mandatory
It comes as the Centers for Disease Control urges "universal mask use" anywhere outside the home.
Beirut explosion: The abandoned ship in the blast 'war zone'
This is what happened to Lebanon's only cruise ship, which was docked in the explosion's epicentre.
Covid: Argentina passes tax on wealthy to pay for virus measures
Dubbed the "millionaire's tax", the one-off levy will fund relief measures and health supplies.
Obama and Jordan basketball vests sell for record sums
Sports shirts worn by the former president and the Chicago Bulls star were auctioned in Los Angeles.
World's biggest iceberg captured on camera
A reconnaissance flight in the South Atlantic obtains spectacular imagery of the giant iceberg A68a.
Fighting air pollution: 'Without solidarity the world will be doomed'
Nineteen-year-old Abhiir Bhalla has campaigned against air pollution in Delhi most of his life.
Trump orders withdrawal of US troops from Somalia
The US has about 700 personnel in the country targeting al-Shabab and Islamic State militants.
Chinese coal miners killed by carbon monoxide poisoning
State TV says 18 miners are dead and five others missing in the south-west Chongqing municipality.
Austria: Former finance minister Grasser jailed for corruption
The court said Karl-Heinz Grasser received kickbacks in return for information on property sales.


Simon Speakman Cordall
Readers flock to the city’s oldest bookshop to a bygone age
Poppy Noor - the Guardian
“A warped obsession of fear is killing us,”
Karen McVeigh, The Guardian
Lower age and obesity rates than US and Europe, helps reduce Africa Covid deaths
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