Nick Makoha, creator of My Father and Other Superheroes talks about men, women, and culture.
Kaneez Anwar talks about family values and expectation on her as a young Muslim girl.
Andre Mostert talks about 'white guilt' and the feelings that have followed him growing up under Apartheid in South Africa.
Ziauddin Yousafzsi shares how he has experienced the effects of dignity and honour in his life and how it affected the life of his daughter Malala.

Campaign calling to redefine what dignity & honour really mean?               

Launched at the United Nations on Tuesay 11 March 2014  #DignityHonour


This Campaign launch calls for an honest and sensitive conversation to explore and redefine what dignity and honour really mean and the shame and guilt entwined within it. To explore what happens when important conversations in which dignity and honour play a part are left unrecognised, unacknowledged or worse still, silenced. Not only at the level of senior negotiations but on the ground and in the hearts of everyone it touches.

Women and girls have suffered violently for centuries in the name of dignity and honour carried out by men and boys.  But it is not only women and girls who are imprisoned and impoverished by these actions and beliefs. It also imprisons the men and boys involved in it, the women colluding in it, and like thieves in the night, robs whole communities of their prosperity.

Dignity Diaries

The Dignity Diaries are insights into the lives of people from all over the world sharing their stories and experiences of how dignity, honour, shame and guilt has interacted with their lives and the lives of those around them. The Diaries are also resources, teaching tools and mirrors, that reflect back indignities as well histories that we can all learn from. These snap shots, taken from longer Diary entries, are pathways into sensitive issues as well as frameworks for programmes.  We thank all those taking part for the dignity they have shown in sharing themselves with us.
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Join us in a new global conversation to explore and redefine what Dignity & Honour really mean.
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